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  • Weekly metal selection : Week 24 selection : Stoner rock /metal
    Sélection semaine 24 / Week 24 selection : STONER METAL/ROCK & STONERish METAL Lire ici : read it : KYUSS, DOMES OF SILENCE, CHURCH OF MISERY, MEMEST, SONIC FLOWER DISCOVER OR REDISCOVER 5 Stoner metal/rock albums / DECOUVRE OU REDECOUVREE 5 albums de Stoner Métal/Rock: info, audio, v
  • Weekly metal selection : Weekly selection : week 23 - Doom Death Metal
    WEEK 23 Selection : Doom Death Metal (info, audio, video) Discover or re-discover / Découvre ou redécouvre : COFFIN, ENCOFFINATION, FRAILTY, HARMONY IN GROTESQUE, INSANIAE
  • Weekly metal selection : Weekly Selection by Genre is back at
    (traduction en Français plus bas) The weekly selection by genre is back at! Find a fine selection of a new genre each week! It's an easy way to discover or rediscover records, CDs, albums, demos, vinyls, tape,... in one click! Check this here : ------------------------- Something ne